Aug 28, 2009

I just learned that Michael Buble has a new album coming out this October, "Crazy Love". His new single, "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" will be released this coming Monday. Can't wait! And I especially can't wait for this new album to bring him on tour again. He's just so dreamy. You're right Michael, you just haven't met me yet...except in my dreams. haha

Aug 26, 2009

The latest developments...

Despite Charlotte's illness, she is still a happy baby. She has recently focused all of her energy on crawling. I seriously thought she would never crawl because when put in her tummy position, she tends to straighten her arms behind her and flail about like a fish. However, since sitting, she's discovered a new way to "assume the position." In this video she shows you the hardest part of crawling. One must remember to move their hands along so they don't face plant. Good thing the nose is mostly cartilage.

She loves her Johnny Jump Up too. She plunks out some tunes on her piano and dances along to the beat. Monday Brian came home to me and Charlotte jumping and dancing to Rihanna on the radio. Charlotte is kind and doesn't make fun of the way I dance.

Aug 20, 2009

Find your own chillin' spot

If you have a library card in Michigan, you should take advantage of a special treat. Select libraries will offer you the opportunity to "check out" a one day pass to a Michigan State Park. Certain parks will also give you a hammock for the day. So, go ahead, take Twilight or The Time Traveler's Wife and kick back in the hammock while you revel in the $6 you saved. You deserve it.

hattip Frank

Aug 19, 2009


I was counseling a patient on a low cholesterol diet yesterday. He was convinced he was doing everything right. I told him, "You need to limit red meat." He said "Oh, I never eat red meat. I like it well done."

Aug 13, 2009

Am I imagining it?

I believe Charlotte may have babbled her first real word today. She turned 7 months yesterday, so I'm expecting big things from her now.
Is this really "dada" or is at "bla bla?" She has been a fan of the "b" sound lately, but I think I see the tip of the tongue touching the roof of her mouth. Kyle, perhaps you could consult Montelle for her expert opinion?

And does anyone have any idea what "executive sweet" is supposed to mean?

Aug 8, 2009

You knew him when...

Brian might end up getting more than 15 minutes of fame. My charismatic husband charmed his way through an audition for a pilot episode of a movie review show with a Christian theme. One of his clients suggested that he audition, so we snapped a head shot in our back yard and he hunted down some of his old movie reviews from college. He felt uneasy after the first audition, but was thrilled to get called back with 10 others out of a group of 120. Within just a couple hours of the callback audition, he received word that he had the part. Go Brian! His co-host is Rachel Ruiz. We are nervous about how this new job could conflict with his primary employment if the pilot is taken up by any cable networks, but for now we're just taking it one step at a time.

Tiny Tadpole

As an employee of Holland hospital, I was given a free week trial membership at MVP fitness club. We saved the membership for a nice warm weekend so we could enjoy the outdoor pool. Today was the perfect day to visit. The intermittent rain showers seemed to scare away the rest of town, because we had the place to ourselves. Charlotte loved to kick dolphin style and play peek-a-boo with Daddy as he ducked underwater. I can't wait to go back....but maybe one of these days I should actually go to exercise.

Don't worry - she didn't choke - just a little chlorine to rinse out her sinuses :)
Dinner with Charlotte is really more of a game than a fine dining experience. I'm nervous to take her with us for dinner at Tabor Hill on Wednesday. We'll be meeting my sister's new boyfriend. She is currently in to painting herself and her chair with her food.

At least she's not throwing it.

Aug 1, 2009

We took Charlotte's 6 month pictures today at Sears Portrait Studio. We have a stand alone Sears appliance center here in town. It was quite odd to walk past the t.v.'s and lawn mowers and into the portrait studio, but once there, we found it quite pleasant. Our photographer, Carmen, was great with Charlotte and patient with all of my demands. We had a lot of ideas that she really took time to incorporate. It wasn't at all like the wham, bam, thank you 'mam we got at JCPenney. And, just in case we weren't impressed enough by her, she tried to single handedly stop a burglar from making off with a Bravia t.v. We were looking over the order and she casually stated "Excuse me for a moment." She came back minutes later shaking, hyperventilating and crying. She noticed a suspicious man walking out with a t.v. When she tried to stop him, he almost ran over her with his mini van. Yikes!
We're very pleased with the pictures and were even more pleased that with our package, we received all of the photos on cd. Now we can get extra prints made at any commercial developer. Who wants a 5x7??

Here are a few of our favorites.

This one reminds me of the 1920s with her cloche hat.

My personal favorite, inspired by a photo of Martha and Alexis we saw at Martha Stewart's studio in April. I copied it right down to the pearl earrings.