May 31, 2009

San Diego

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the week. I wasn't around for most of the photo opportunities, but I still found a few that make me smile.

Charlotte was the first to try out our king size bed - she said it was heavenly.

She and Daddy went to the Cubs-Padres game. She was mad that the Cubbies were losing.

San Diego Zoo was a must-see. We got up close and personal with the pandas...and elephants...and giraffes...and polar bears.

Although the weather was chill, the pool was heated. Charlotte is quite a little tadpole.

Weekend chores

We're glad to be back in the comfort of our home and enjoying this beautiful weather, which oddly, is warmer than it was in California! Meagan is in town this week for a wedding and finally got to meet Charlotte. Charlotte seems to like her and probably wonders who this strange lady is who looks so much like her mommy. I just realized I didn't get any pics of the two of them, which upsets me. I'll have to try harder next time...when we get a next time.

I am trying to get my garden in order. We tore out a bunch of irises yesterday because flowering weeds had invaded all of the free space creating a jungle in the garden. Now I'm trying to think of something large to plant in the big void. I already have daisies. I'm contemplating some daylilies, although they aren't my favorite since the flowers decay so quickly. Anyone have a suggestion for a favorite perennial?

Otherwise, I'm working in urgent care this morning. I'm crossing my fingers for an easy day so I can get out of here and back to work in the yard.

May 27, 2009

It's a good thing...

That breast milk is so good for babies because it is the only thing keeping me from tearing out my hair as I sit in a public restroom stall and pump numerous times this week. Forget labor, this takes away your dignity

May 26, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. I am learning so much at the conference. I went to a 4 1/2 hour training session on joint sessions - I'm ready to go back and stick some needles in some knees and shoulders!! Anyone want to be my first subject?

Brian and Charlotte are staying busy. He took her to the Cubs game Sunday. She wasn't such a fan of all that noise during her naptime. Yesterday they went exploring in Old Town and took a tour at the aircraft carrier. Then we all went swimming in the pool together when they returned. She is hilarious in the water - she kicks like a little baby frog. I wasn't brave enough to let her go under for fear of her inhaling all of that nasty chlorinated water.

Well - back to the conference for more!

May 23, 2009

Day 1

We're safe and sound on San Diego, just feeling a little jet-lagged. Charlotte was an angel on all 3 flights- slept and played. No poop or tears! Brian is taking her to the Cubs game tomorrow while I practice joint injections. Yeah for both of us!

May 22, 2009

Time's UP

Our May budget contest comes to an end as Brian and I prepare our bags for our San Diego trip. Hopefully some of you played along in spirit. I think we did well, although I know we could have done better. It's hard to really stick to your guns when you know you have some wiggle room.

Here is our tally:
Restaurant: $66
Entertainment: $72 (not quite sure what we spent that on!)
Groceries: $231
Angie allowance (aka blow fund): $100
Brian allowance: $100
Hair Salon: $37 (for Brian)
House: $100 (gardening supplies and layaway payments on patio furniture)
Misc: $45
TOTAL: $751

Of course I'm not counting utilities/bills or fuel, just the things that we have more control over. I'm proud of us - this is about half what we spent last month on the same items. So Mom, how do we measure up?

May 21, 2009

My civic duty

When I returned to work after 8 weeks maternity leave, I received a notice that I had been drawn for jury duty selection. What this meant is that I had to reserve two mornings, one month apart, to go in and be processed for possible jury duty. They try to make it as inconvenient as possible by telling you to call the night before to see if you still have to report the next morning. So, I have to go to the trouble of blocking my patient schedule, which is not only problematic for the patients, but loses money for my office. But then I call, and they tell me I don't have to report. Last night, however, they made it even worse by telling me that I didn't need to report in the morning, but I should call at 10:30 am to see if I should report in the afternoon. Huh? What? That was never part of the bargain! And WTF - why can't you just tell me now if I have to be there in the afternoon? Why don't you know?!
Thankfully, they didn't need me (for the third time), so I'm at work and preparing for my afternoon of patients. I entirely agree that I have a civic duty to serve on a jury if need be, but why can't they get a better system?

May 20, 2009


I'm 4 months old now, and although I'm not so great at eating from a spoon, I rock at making bubbles!

Brian has fallen in love with a nest of baby bunnies he found in our lawn while mowing. Luckily we have a reel mower, or a few baby bunnies would already be hamburger meat. He watches over them each night as mom shows up to nurse them. Then when mom runs away, he takes care to make sure they are placed delicately back in their nest. (Of course he wears gloves, so as not to give them human stink.)
I'm not that in to the bunnies. I suppose I have my own baby "bunny" I have to nurse and nest. Plus Maggie drives me completely bonkers as she barks and howls all hours of the evening trying to get out and harass/play with them. And then today as I planted my vegetable garden I realized what the biggest threat to those bunnies, when they start chomping on my lettuce!

May 19, 2009

Charlotte's Baptism Photos

See all of Matt's great work here. Thank you so much Matt!!

May 16, 2009

Dave and Mark are visiting this weekend. They are so much fun. Charlotte is thoroughly enjoying them. Best quotes of the weekend so far.

Mark: "So, have you ever gotten drunk, pumped your milk, drank the milk and got even more drunk?"

Dave: "Your P and V make a great B."

Aah, never a boring moment with these guys.

May 14, 2009

I had a cup of coffee far too late this evening, but Grey's is almost over and I'm so glad I didn't miss it! So good!!!!

May 13, 2009

Thank you Linda!

I received a belated birthday package from Linda on Tuesday. Anytime I receive something from Linda, I know I am in for a special treat. Whether it be a felted coffee cup cozy, felted slippers, knitted ornaments, homemade caramels....or in this instance - matching baby and mommy bracelets! They're appropriately made with rose colored beads and designed with crosses and a tiny flower in the middle of Charlotte's. So sweet.

And the fun didn't stop there. She also sent me some cinnamon hot chocolate and a chocolate espresso bar from my favorite Kalamazoo coffee shop - Water Street Coffee Joint. Thanks Linda - I don't deserve a friend as great as you!

And to brighten everyone's day, here is one of my favorite pics from yesterday. She is one happy babe.


Our Martha episode airs tomorrow, May 14th. Let me know if you see us!
It's a nice rainy day for cleaning, clipping coupons and shopping. Charlotte is fast asleep and too cute in her "C is for Cupcake" onesie. I just got off the phone with Amber, who is 13 hours ahead of me in Japan and settling down to sleep while I am just getting started.

May 10, 2009

Food glorious food

On Saturday I teamed up with friends Jessie and Montelle for a cooking extravaganza. We each brought along two recipes for meals that can be frozen and stored, along with enough ingredients for each of us to take home a dish. So, we each were supposed to walk out with 6 dinners, but really ended up with about 10 due to the quantity. We made sausage penne, Mexican lasagna, chicken pot pie, chili, cheesy chicken enchiladas, and stuffed shells. It took about 5 hours with all the clean-up...not bad. It really was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again soon.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the hard-working and devoted mother's out there. It's a difficult job we have, but more important than any other. Every day I know I'm doing something to make this world a better place by raising this intelligent little girl.
Today I am celebrating by relaxing and hopefully spinning a little yarn. Brian made me breakfast and is responsible for the chores today. We had some fun feeding Charlotte rice cereal for the first time. She fell asleep right afterwards, as though she had a turkey dinner.

I'm ready to eat!

I think there is more going out than in!

May 8, 2009

My sentiments exactly.

Many people ask me if I'm going to pierce Charlotte's ears. I am a definite "no" on this, at least until she's old enough to take care of them herself. Besides my concerns of infection and her ripping the earring out accidentally, there is a feeling I have about the image of piercing a babies' ears (courtesy of Indexed).

hattip Brian

Don't you just love Venn diagrams?

May 7, 2009

The novelty of Tulip Time must have worn off a bit over the couple years I've lived in Holland, because I just realized I haven't posted a single picture of a tulip, much less me eating a corn dog!

So, to keep in the spirit, a tulip up close and personal.

An obligatory wooden shoe.

Boy I am not that inspired when blogging lately.

On a funny note, I heard a radio d.j. call American Idol "Two and a Half Men." Get it? I had to laugh out loud, even if it's cruel.

May 6, 2009

Watching Bristol Palin on GMA. She's just as bad as her mom in interviews. Chris Cuomo: "How do you promote abstinence when you weren't?". Bristol: "I just say it's the best choice."
Right. That will make all the difference.

May 4, 2009

Yesterday Charlotte was baptized - and as Gary would say, she is no longer a heathen. We couldn't have had better weather if we had designed it ourselves. We had a wonderful turnout and plenty to eat. I must admit I felt a bit scattered as I tried to greet each guest, but also tried to make sure the "guest of honor" was on her best behavior. But many stepped in to help me and Brian out so that I kept my sanity.
Thanks to all that came! And thank you for so many wonderful gifts for Charlotte. 

And Charlotte in her Dutch costume!