Dec 30, 2009

A new year and new beginnings

In honor of the new year and my new netbook, I am going to give some energy back to blogging. I sit here typing as I listen to Brian disassemble the Christmas tree (I was helping up until he got to the lights, don't think I'm lazy). It makes me sad to take the tree down already as it really is just the start of the Christmas season in the liturgical sense. But leaving the tree up also stresses me with one more thing on the "to-do" list. Plus, I don't want to miss our chance for the curb-side tree pick up...a city living perk.
Christmas this year was joyful in so many different ways. It was so much fun to watch the focus shift to the grandchildren. Even if Charlotte had no clue what was going on other than a lot of noise and food, I like to think she was having the time of her life.
Here are a few of my favorite moments that I actually had the chance to photograph...there are a lot of them, but you've been "deprived" of my blog for a while so perhaps you won't mind.

We foolishly thought we could get Matthew and Charlotte to pose in their Christmas best.

I'm stunning in my stocking cap

She's ready for her old fashioned sleigh ride. Thanks Grammee!

Thanks for letting me ride your four wheeler Matthew!

Maggie was eyeing the pecan pie all day.

I've got this present thing down now.

Amos and Charlotte couldn't have been happier to be in the same p.j.s

Four generations of wonderful women

Grandma K - a wild woman!

Well, we forgot to get a family photo on Christmas day, but I'm still happy with this one. Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did.

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Kim said...

Your photos are gorgeous!! Isaac has those green jammies and I have seen them on facebook in two of my friends' albums.