May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! The weather has held up far better than we expected. We've had such a great weekend here with lots of great food and relaxation. We spent Saturday up at the family cottage. Maggie met her new second cousin, Baylie, a Westie. They were so perfect together. They rolled and played all day. Maggie is still tired two days later. Most of the boys spent the majority of the day golfing. I spent the majority of the day napping :)

Brian and I spent Sunday turning over the soil for our vegetable garden. This year we're going to pass on broccoli or peas since they really didn't turn out last year. We've re-organized the layout so our tomatoes will get a bit more sun too. So the new garden has green beans, full size cucumbers, red and yellow tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, zucchini squash, acorn squash, and several types of lettuce. I can't wait to eat my results!

Today has been another relaxed day. We've mostly been spoiling Maggie by taking her for a hike at VanRaalte farms and after that, we checked out a new(er) dog park in Saugatuck called Tails n' Trails. Maggie spent most of the time rolling into submission on her back. That makes for a very dirty dog.

I hope to post about knitting soon. I have some socks on the needles and need to finish seaming a baby sweater. I haven't been much of a "finisher" lately.


mamie said...

While I'm off on disablilty, I hope to finish my very special project, let's say, in maybe 5 weeks. Then maybe I can let out what it is. Chuck needs to take me to a fabric store too.

Here's to finishing! Cheers!

Kim said...

Angie, I am so glad to hear that you are planting yellow tomoatoes. Gary made so much fun of me in the greenhouse because he could not understand why I wanted them. "They're yummy and expensive" was all I could come up with. I also found purple and orange bell peppers. Selection is bad--still can't find yellow or red bell peppers. I can't wait for them to grow!!!