May 4, 2008

Tulip Festival '08

Tulip Fest is now in full swing. Don't miss your chance to see some fantastic flowers, Dutch attire, and eat your token elephant ear. You have until May 10th!

We walked down Friday to share an elephant ear and will probably go again tonight for some corndogs. YUM!

Speaking of dogs, Maggie is enjoying her first festival. Too bad I don't have some wooden shoes for her. Here she is tip-toeing through the tulips. I think she's smiling.


Patty Ann said...

Cutest picture EVER of Maggie. hahaha. The Detroit Free Press had a nice editorial telling people to keep their economic stimulus checks in Michigan, preferrably by attending the tulip festival and cherry festival.

mamie said...

chuckles and I will have to break our South Beach diets and partake of an elephant ear Saturday! Would that be a possibility?

Maggie looks so cute. she must have rested up from her Saturday running with Pearl, keeping up with the big dogs. she gave me a workout that's for sure!