Jan 23, 2009

My sister

E-mail from my older sister Chris, entitled "Don't do what I did".

"Okay, here is the Bad Mom of the year award. Yesterday I had let Cayman (their dog) in and had gotten her a treat. Amos was still sitting in his high chair after having a snack. I fed the dog treat to Amos, who had his mouth wide open. When I turned to look at him again I saw he had something strange in his hand I finally realized what I had done. Luckily he did not eat it. Cayman was probably wondering why he was getting the treat and not her! And I am the one trying to keep him out of her food bowl."


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Chris said...

I just saw that you had posted this...all I can think of is remembering the picture of Meagan at Rusty's dog bowl...as baby's we've all gotta try it don't we. Hope all is going well.