Jan 4, 2009

Piss and moan

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, Greek for "to manifest" or "to show." Charlotte is doing neither of these so far. I'll admit, pregnancy has been good to me, even great to me. But these last few weeks have really been fairly unenjoyable. Every day I find a new cluster of spider veins on my legs. l wake up at night not only to pee, but to try to position myself so that gravity will pull Charlotte out from under my rib cage. In fact, my stomach is so large now that when I sit, the belly takes an uphill climb from my ribs. I haven't had any crampy contractions, but I do get these intermittent needle-like pains shooting through the nether-region.
So, needless to say, I'd be thrilled to have this baby and start feeling normal again. I've tried all of the old wives' tales other than castor oil. I can't bring myself to drink castor oil, especially because though it won't promise labor, it will promise some lovely GI distress. Brian took me to walk laps around our dinky Holland mall yesterday. That's a nice place to walk because there are hardly any stores worth shopping at. We walked until we were bored, then shopped for (even more) groceries. I think I have enough in my pantry now to take me through the winter.
And as far as finding things to occupy my time, I cleaned out my craft closet and found boxes of half completed photo albums and all of my keepsakes from our wedding. I made an album for my sister's wedding (she was married 6 years ago now). I scrapbooked all of our wedding stuff, including invitations, shower games, sentimental cards and so forth. I've designed our birth announcements and picked up what I need to make them. Today, I got a natural high off working the deals/coupons at Walgreen's (spent $30 and saved over $35). And on top of that, I cleaned all of the hair out of the floor grate in the bathroom! I bet all of you without any free time on your hands are just hating me right now.


patty said...

Oh Angie all I can say is "Soon and Very Soon"....we are going to meet our beloved Charlotte....I remember those same feelings, except I wasn't near as productive as you've been. If I was, Chuck would yell at me for not spending time doing my breathing exercises!! If I tried to dust the china cabinette, he would tell me to "B R E A T H E!!" instead! You are nesting BEYOND belief! You'll treasure some sleepy time after she's born that's for sure.

patty said...

Oh yeah, I pray that those pains from the netherregions BREAK YOUR WATER!!! Those are what does it by the way, and I've only experienced the breakage once. Unforgetable!

3girlmommy said...

I am so thinking about you and remembering how hard those last few weeks are. I just kept trying to convince myself that pregnancy does not last forever. I also had those little pains, and for me it dialated me 4 cm before labor even started. Hope that is the case for you. Good luck. Kristin

Carrie said...

Oh Ang, I'm sorry Charlotte is taking so long and that you're so uncomfortable! I can't believe how much you've gotten done! I'll pray for you that your water breaks soon!

jhoving said...

Hey Ang, I read this posting too fast, and thought you were saying Charlotte is neither pissing or moaning... a good laugh either way ;)

You're almost there!