Mar 9, 2010

I am now initiated into Holland

Today was the annual sale of Dutch costumes put on by the Holland Newcomer's Association.  There are a variety of new and used costumes to pick from.  I arrived at 5 pm on the dot, but was shocked to see a line around the building!  It was like a true initiation ceremony to have to wait in that line for an hour and then rush in and clamor for the last costume in your size.  Fortunately, I've done enough Black Friday shopping to know my way around a sale crowd.

I chose the Volendam style because this is what Charlotte has.  Charlotte was laughing hysterically when I put it on and tried to steal my hat.  Brian has one too...not a dress.  Now who doesn't want to move to Holland when you see this cuteness?

And when Charlotte outgrows her current costume, I would love to see her in the adorable Isle of Marken costume seen here.


Rachael said...

When is Tulip Time this year?? You guys will look so cute :)

Angie said...

First week of May (according to Brian)

patty said...

Seeing it in person was even better! Did you retry Charlotte's hat on her? She was in such a laughing mood yesterday - so very much fun!