Mar 7, 2010

Yesterday we took advantage of the sun and went to visit the butterflies at Frederik Meijer Gardens. We met up with Carl, Jessie and their adorable son, Aaron. He is so great with babies and spent a lot of time chasing Charlotte around for me.

We couldn't help but dress Charlotte up in this butterfly costume in the children's garden. I think she was a butterfly in a prior life.

Here is Aaron spotting a few butterflies drinking their nectar. We were excited to find a lot of blue morphos. Usually they are few and far between, but they really steal the show.

For being so young, I really think Charlotte understood what was going on. She watched the butterflies fly around and reached towards them on the flowers.

I highly recommend anyone with kids make it to FMG for the butterflies this spring.


Rachael said...

Steve and I went on Friday :) I love it!

patty said...

Pappa is sending my renewal in as Grandparents membership! We want to take everyone to as much as possible! When they're older, there are exciting classes for pre-schoolers we can take them to.