Apr 24, 2010

Tulip Time

Tulips are in full bloom in Holland.  Tulip Festival runs May 1-8th, so their arrival is a bit premature.  We can thank our wonderfully warm Spring weather for that.  So, get to Holland while the getting is good.
Last fall I planted an assortment of tulips along our pathway.  It was such a pleasant surprise to see each different color pop up.  Charlotte loves to punch them and walk over them, but those buggers are resilient.

Stay posted for some family Dutch costume pics as soon as we get the chance to head downtown and make fools of ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Love your tulips! Mine lasted a good two weeks thanks to the cool nights.Last week one day I woke up to find some varmint had made a midnight snack out of fifteen of them. I think the rain today may do in the rest. Can't wait to see the Burch family all Dutched up.Linda

Julia said...

We're coming rain or shine tomorrow! Can't wait to see you before/ during the parade! (2pm right?)
-Julia "Hovinga" ... (trying to sound a little extra Dutch :)