Apr 26, 2010

We had a great weekend meeting my new nephew.  We decided to leave Friday night, as Brian says that I don't "handle it well" when Charlotte gets crabby in the car during a daytime drive.  So, sippy in hand and good book in her lap, Charlotte was happy and so was I.

Saturday morning we were itching for little Solomon to wake up.  Brian entertained Amos and Charlotte with a little story time.  Amos loved Brian - he would always look for him when he left the room.  And boy is he smart!  He just turned 2, but can say the alphabet, count to 15 and speaks in 4-5 word sentences.

Finally little Solomon decided to join the party.  Like any newborn, he was very well behaved.  He quietly let us cuddle him and only gave a peep during a diaper change.  Chris kept him well-fed, and that was probably most of the reason for his contentment.  With her second child she definitely seems more relaxed. She's getting so good at this, maybe she can talk Ben into a third :)

The kids enjoyed a little outdoor play in between rain showers.  We also had a little cake/candle celebration for Amos' birthday.  We had to let him blow it out three times.

I always wish they lived closer because we have such a nice time getting together and the kids grow so fast.   Thanks for the hospitality Chris!


Patty Ann said...

Great pictures! Hope the kids do get to spend more time together this summer. Solomon seems to tolerate all kinds of activity going on around him.

Chris said...

I do want to make a trip out to the "better" side. We we will have to plan something. Amos knows what lighthouses are now, so he will get a kick out of going to see Big Red.