May 16, 2010

A camping we will go

Brian and I have our fingers crossed that Charlotte will love camping as much as we do.  He doesn't have many vacation days to spare, but we plan to take at least a long weekend to go camping this summer.  We have outgrown our "4 person" tent.  I say "4" because it's really enough for 2, so we upgraded to this bad boy...a Coleman 8-10 person.  Imagine, being able to stand upright when you pull your pants on instead of wriggling around on the ground.  Two things I worry about most: 1) Being able to fold this bear back up to the size of it's bag. 2) Fitting all of the gear in our car now that we can't fold the back seat down. 
I'm looking forward to C's first tent camping experience.

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Meagan said...

we just went camping last night with our "4" person tent... wishing we had the ability to stand up-right is exactly what was said this morning :)