Jul 12, 2010

C, C and more C!

Brian's new iPhone has an excellent video camera.  So now we get video whenever and wherever!  We can't get enough of Charlotte's antics.  She turned 18 months today and continues to show us signs of what an intelligent and indepent lady she will be.  What a cutie!

My shopping diva.

Charlotte is trying to take care of her baby, but she just can't help but dance!

Working on motorboat at MVP pool


Patty Ann said...

Too cute! Charlotte is going to be a big help when the baby comes.

Jacqueline said...

Gotta shop like we're dying! Girl after my own heart :)

Anonymous said...

A girl can't have too many purses!She's quite an entertaining little person. Loved the videos. Linda

patty said...

I tried to get her to help me pick out material for her own special purse from some satin remnants I have. She definitely likes "off the rack"! It's much more fun to shop, Don't forget the jewelry counters/racks! LOVVVES it!

Chris said...

I love the shopping one. She is truly a girl. At least you don't have her asking "what's that" with everything :-)