Jul 12, 2010

My homemade Oreos

I finally got around to downloading some pictures and realized I never got to share my Oreo cookie success story.  Over a year ago Brian came across this recipe on SmittenKitchen.com.  After Brian made me an ice cream cake for Mother's Day, I had to follow suit.
Although it was a two day process, it was well worth it.  I highly recommend the recipe. The cookies are a nice understated chocolate with a perfect sugary filling.  They stayed fresh for at least a week.  I will make these over and over again.


Coggie said...

Thank you!! I was looking for something homemade to put in the Sarge;s 1st APO box. I will make these this weekend. Question though, Why two days? The recipe says to cool and fill.
Thanks again.

Angie said...

Well, really it took me 2 days so that I could keep the project secret from Brian