Apr 22, 2009

Happy Birthday and Earth Day!

Look at my nephew! He's 1 now. He has grown so quickly, but it also seems like so long ago that I met his darling face for the first time. He is such a sweetie.

He seems pretty impressed by the candle. I'm certain he's never been that close to a flame before. I wonder where the pics are with cake smeared all over his face. Chris - do you have any?


Patty Ann said...

He mashed the cupcake but I don't think any went in his mouth. I'm sure they'll get more pictures this weekend.

Chris said...

We did get some pictures tonight of Amos eating his birthday cake from daycare. Of course he wouldn't eat it there so we tried again at home and he loved it! I will send pictures soon. Hard to believe he is one now. Seems like we were just at the hospital yesterday :-)