Apr 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

I do have martha stewart stories to share, and they'll come as soon as I can get out of my sleep-deprived state of confusion. However, today the most important thing is that
it's Brian's Birthday!!!
My husband is a magnificent human being, and I don't only say that because he goes with me to musicals and the Martha show, but because he is generous, kind-hearted, creative, and oh so funny.
So today, in his honor, let's put on a suit, find a new way to use awesome in a sentence, and tip back a cold Coke Zero.
Happy Briannakuh honey.


Anonymous said...

Have a Great Birthday Brian!!!
From: Kaye

patty said...

I must break free of my techno fast because you will understand that 31 years ago I experienced the MOST AWESOME first-born delivery on the face of the awesome earth!! Thanks for all the wonderful memories, touching moments and all the awesome laughs Brian! You make your dad and I very proud! I have a feeling also that you have the most awesome of all presents on your knee and at your shoulder tonight! Cheers and Happy Briannakuh!