Jul 18, 2009

After the horrendous thunder storms we had in June, Brian and I made the decision to cut down our large 1/2 dead maple tree.

Brian has wanted to do this for a couple of years, but I always fought it since it is our one source of shade and I see this major expense as doing nothing to bring up the resale value of our house. "Charlotte will get a sunburn!" I said. "Let it fall on our house, then we can get a new kitchen!" But then I heard a story of a friend of a friend who's tree fell on her house, spearing her husband's side of the bed. The next week, we got some estimates.
The tree removal company underestimated the work ahead of them. They expected to spend 4 hours at our house, but spent a solid 11 and didn't even get to the stump removal in that time. Here is the slideshow of pictures from the day. Since then, the stump has been ground up (along with the power line to our garage :( ), so we have a lot of clean up work ahead of us. The tree ordeal was the excitement about the block that day. We should've charged the neighbors for babysitting services, because all the children did was sit at the windows and stare at the spidermen crawling through our tree limbs with chainsaws. Goodbye ole' tree. I won't miss you come this fall!


Kim said...

Wow! Huge project! If you miss it, you could plant a new tree in a better spot--that is, far from the house and power lines. It will be forever until you have that much shade again. Did you buy Charlotte an umbrella like you got me?

Chris said...

I think the one who is going to miss the tree most is Maggie.

Angie said...

Maggie will definitely miss the shade and the squirrels. I won't miss her getting wrapped around the trunk.