Jul 8, 2009

Today was one of those simply nice days. Charlotte and I enjoyed the morning together and then did our grocery shopping. She slept nicely through the store, and when she did awaken, she just smiled and kicked her feet out for me to kiss. Elderly shoppers stopped in the aisles to give her a "hello" and smile. We came home for lunch. More carrots ended up on the bib then in her mouth. Then we took Maggie out for her long Wednesday walk. The sun was out and the temperature was ever so comfortable. We stopped at a nearby diner so I could pick up an iced hazelnut latte. Two little boys entertained Maggie while she was tied to the dog post outside. A man stopped on his walk to ask us if we were going hunting. (Oldest beagle joke in the book.) Now Charlotte is taking her last afternoon nap in her crib, Maggie is barking in her sleep on the couch, and I am catching up on some odds and ends. I thank God for how lucky I am to get to have days like these.

I never got around to posting any pictures from the holiday, but here is my absolute favorite picture. Aunt Julie took this one.


Jacqueline said...

Her face is just precious :) I want to kiss those cheeks!

Carrie said...

What an adorable little sailor!

Amber said...

cutest. thing. ever! (besides my children of course!)