Feb 20, 2010

13 Months

I am going to overwhelm you with videos because I finally found time to upload a few. Charlotte is 13 months now and learning new things every week. Last weekend she got very good at standing all on her own, then come Monday night, she was walking like a champ! I went to pick her up from daycare and she walked across the long room to me. I was so proud of her. By last night she was doing laps around the house.
I showed her this video on the camera. She was too funny because she nodded like "Yeah, I know I'm awesome." Then when the video was done, she clapped for herself. She's so much like her daddy.

Also, last night, she surprised me by showing me that she's picked up some baby sign language. I signed "more" to her once, and the next thing I knew she was using it. This morning she did it with no instigation from me. That brain is like a sponge.

And now for some overwhelming cuteness.

Her new words this week (as far as I can understand) are apple and bunny. Some of her favorite things to do, listen to her Winnie the Pooh birthday card, play in Maggie's water dish, hand feed Maggie food, and climb the stairs. Her absolute favorite food right now is a grilled cheese sandwich.

This week we leave for Hawaii. I am so excited to relax and explore, but have a nervous spot in my heart to be away from Charlotte. Luckily she has two sets of grandparents who are more than happy to help and to get some bonding time in. I'm sure the vacation will fly by, as most do. Another thing I remind myself is how nurturing our marriage is the best thing for Charlotte because it is important for her to have parents who are happy and in love. So palm trees and mai tai's - here I come!


Jessica said...

Aw, you really did overload me with cuteness.... thanks! Now I'm smiling. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the videos of Charlotte, Angie. Made my day. She's a wonderful little girl.Linda

patty said...

We can't wait to have her with us this week! And Maggie too!

Kim said...

Mai tais build a strong marriage?

Kim said...

She is too cute!!! And might contend with Isaac for smartest baby ever--they can be tied.

Julia said...

Loved to see Charlotte in action! She's so adorable... we'd love to see her in person soon :)