Feb 14, 2010

Fix, Freeze, Feast

Two weeks ago, I joined forces with Jessie and Montelle for an afternoon of freezer meal preparation. We've done this once before, so this time we had a little experience to work off of. We did our best to prep sauces and chop vegetables at home. This time we prepared several recipes out of Jessie's new book, "Fix, Freeze, Feast." What a fantastic book! These recipes are designed to make bulk quantities and, of course, freeze well. They even give recommendations on what size foil pans to buy. However, many recipes are designed to drop into freezer bags. The beginning of the book focuses on tips for saving money with warehouse shopping.
We prepared veggie lasagna, chicken parmiagna, cheesy chilada bake, broccoli chicken bake, and more. The recipes were uncomplicated and inexpensive. Brian and I have eaten a few already and found that there was enough for leftovers.
I haven't ordered my copy of the book yet, but plan to. These days, I don't see the value in spending a lot of time preparing a meal. However, if I could spend just a little more time and end up with one dish to eat then and 2-3 to store in the freezer, I think I'd be the happiest mom on the block.


patty said...

you found time to blog! I can attest, the cheesy chilada was excellant!

can you get that little one walking on camera yet?

Rachael said...

I was talking to my mom about doing this the other day. I'm a huge fan of freezing things in single and double portions because during the week i strongly dislike coming home and cooking dinner and dining out/take out all the time costs way too much money! Let me know if you do this again and have room for one more, I'd love to join forces!!