Feb 3, 2010

Today was a big day for a mommy. For months I've been complaining about Charlotte's, for lack of better terms, dietary habits. I longingly watched babies younger than her munching on finger foods while Brian and I struggled to get our baby to eat much more than pureed fruits. And not just any pureed fruits, only store bought baby food because something about my puree skills were not to her liking. She gagged on just about all other foods or else wouldn't even let the food near her lips. I complained to anyone who would listen.
Well, I have to think these ear-tubes have helped her turn over a new leaf. She's now refusing baby foods. Today she was loving her soggy Cheerios in milk for breakfast. At snack time she wolfed down chunks of orange and then said "String cheese? I want that in my mouth!" For dinner, sliced carrots, mashed potato, yogurt, and wait for it...shredded chicken. Damn near brought tears to my eyes. My big girl.

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patty said...

Reading this has brought tears to my eyes! Especially after watching her say no to the chicken last night. So proud of our girl! I loved watching her interested in peanut butter toast! As I think I've said before, could it be her taste buds were muddled by the lingering infections? Isn't almost like some kind of light bulb has gone off? Anyway, so proud of her and VERY happy for you. Have fun with FOOD!