Apr 25, 2006

Kitchen Artistry

Welcome to my blog!! I am so excited to be posting!
Today was my second take at dying yarn with Kool Aid. Last week I tried hand-painting, which was quick, but I didn't love as a lot of the yarn just took on a blended green color since it was all in one casserole dish.

This week - on to striping. I took instructions from See Eunny Knit. The worst part, I'd have to say (and I think Brian would agree), was wrapping the yarn around the chairs. It was dizzying and it took me 30 minutes to work out a massive knot at the end.

My Kool Aid picks are a pleasant blend of girly colors. My hope was that the pinks wouldn't dye too similary.

Now for the cooking! I dyed it half and half. I started with cool water mixed with the Kool Aid in a pot. The yarn was pre-moistened by a quick rinse. The yarn was dangled in to the water and then heated to just under a boil. Once it was the desired color (or else once the dye was completely taken up into the yarn), the pot was removed from heat.

Last, rinse the yarn in cool water. Doesn't it look neat! I'll let you know how it knits up. I'm hoping the stripes will be quite short and the colors will change quickly. If I'd wanted thicker stripes, there is a technical way to go about measuring how far the chairs should be apart. I was too impatient to figure that out. I'm always impatient when it comes to projects.


Amber said...

Love the blog Angie! I'm so glad you started one! I love the striped yarn too- I bet it will look great knit up!

Linda McD said...

I KNEW you would have a blog going soon! This is great! My knitpicks yarn came in the mail on Sat and I bought Koolaid yesterday so dying will commence this weekend. I will let you know how it turns out. Did you use black cherry for the darkest red? I love the feel of the yarn and can't wait to knit it up into a nice cozy sock.

revdave said...

welcome to the neighborhood...

Nice colors. Does the yarn smell fruity at all?

patty said...

Now I know what you are doing on Tuesdays! Maybe you'll get a trend going for knitters! Go Ang!