Mar 19, 2007

TOK is the King of Wii

People may call the new Nintendo Wii system a lot of things, but I'll call it a kick-a** party game. Brian and I attended a co-ed bachelor party this weekend and brought the Wii along. For those who aren't familiar, this is the new video game system where the remote is moved through the air to control the actions on the screen. Brian only has the Wii sports game that came with the original system, which includes tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. I enjoy baseball the most, because it really takes some great hand-eye coordination to hit the ball. Bowling is unrealistic because I've made a gutter ball only once....I wish I could say that for real life.

What everyone seemed to love more than the game was making their "Mii." You can make your character look just like you, down to the shape of the eyebrows, height and weight. They really are spot on.

The Outlaw Kyle was the star of the night. He boxed like a mad man!

Carl deserves a second runner-up. Even if he wasn't the best player, he kept us laughing. Great follow through Carl!


The Outlaw Kyle said...

Three words:

"Fists of Fury"!

patty said...

Sounds like you had a great evening. rian will have to bring that game over sometime when his brothers are home.

Lost my voice again at O'Toole's from all the smoke. But we had a great St. Patty's day. Lots of friends and Coe cousins celebrating the day and toasting the engagement. Aunt Mary wants to be the "best man!"

One of the docs calls me "Whitney"! for a joke.

karl said...

Don't you dare stand in front of me while I'm playing Wii! I'll take you down too!