Jul 22, 2008

16 Weeks

Brian and I enjoyed some Chinese take-out beach side tonight. The weather was beautiful. Here I am, proud to be healthy and pregnant.

Sort of reminds me of a "muffin top." My 50 year old patient informed me that is the new lingo for a beer belly. (You know that bulge you see on all of the teenage girls hanging over their belt lines.) Very clever in my opinion.


Kim said...

Definately not the "flab" from my silly dream--so it's NOT a muffin top, because muffin tops are fat tummy bulges. Baby bumps are firm.

Do you have any premonitions for boy vs. girl? Isn't this week the first week it's visible? Meredith said girl, and I think she has biased me to think that now, too.

Keep the belly photos coming! Yours is TOO cute!!!

mamie said...

I was blessed to hold a 3 week old little girl, Gwen Catherine last night. Proud parents are Nate and Kendall, friends of J & J. Kendall informed me Gwen's heartrate stablized in the 140 range. Gives a grandma hope!

Just love those belly photos. And, I totally appreciate the sunset photo. So glad you two can truly enjoy where you live!