Jul 15, 2008

Waiting for someone to snuggle

We picked up a wonderful rocking chair at a garage sale this summer. Since then I have adorned it with a hand knit teddy bear and most recently a gift from my MIL, Patty. She surprised me 4th of July weekend with a "conception blanket." She was knitting this and praying for us during the spring months to help us get pregnant. Thankfully, the prayers worked! It's a beautiful blanket in pink/blue with a satin edging that she hand-stitched. Thank you so much Patty!


Jacqueline said...

Awww, so cute! Rocking chairs are so cozy =)

mamie said...

That blanket probably really took me a full 9 months to get through start to finish. It's, (no pun intended) definitely, a labor of love. Now on to the next knitting project! Yes indeed I have another 2 going!

Jessica said...

This is adorable! I've enjoyed reading your blog, so now I've decided to start one, too. You're such a trend-setter! :)

Traci 'n Tiffani said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog this morning!

I loved being pregnant too and I love being a mommy. :-)

The picture of your rocking chair looks like one we picked out when our daughter was still a baby. We rocked while nursing, reading, chatting, and after "owies." She's 13 now and we still like to rock together. We had to find a bigger rocker (a porch swing), but the original is still in her bedroom. Enjoy!