Jul 24, 2008

Thunder down under

We saw Sara Evans perform at Frederik Meijer Gardens tonight. She is beautiful and witty, but not the best singer I've heard.
During the concert, I think that maybe, just maybe I felt the baby move a few times. It felt sort of like a rolling over in my pelvis. I figure the baby was either telling me that it really likes country music, or it was saying "Turn that mother f'in radio down!" That's right, my fetus has a potty mouth.

BTW, her younger sisters are her back up singers. How much fun is that?


mamie said...

All right!! Baby movements! Mamie will talk to "babie" about the potty mouth. I can't remember when the ears fully develop to hear the surroundings, but it must be timely.

Sorry Sara didn't deliver. Must be the studio adds more to her voice. Kind of like the air brushing to the photos that get in the magazines.

Angie said...

Well, I haven't felt anything today, so we'll see if it was real or not...Maybe he/she is sleeping after a rockin' night last night.

Meagank7 said...

so i guess now is a good time to admit i've been listening to country music and she is on my list... shocked that Brian went!

Jessica said...

How exciting that you're feeling the baby move... yay! I love the sound of Sara Evans voice, but I've heard her sing live and she sings off-key quite a lot! I think the studio fixes her pitch problems. Of course keep us updated on baby news!