Jul 2, 2008

Ingenious cleaning tip

I learn so much from my fellow knitters, and about more than knitting!

Did you know that if you wipe your bathroom mirrors down with shaving cream, they stop fogging up? You apply it as though you're waxing the mirror. I used Brian's facial foam. The effect is supposed to last 2-3 weeks. It worked like a charm. I love it because I would always get annoyed when I was trying to apply make-up and Brian's overheated shower was fogging up my mirror. He tells me to put the blow dryer on it, but then I'm doing that every 30 seconds. I try to crack open the door without him knowing, but he always feels the cold air. So, conflict resolved!

1 comment:

mamie said...

I'm going to try that little bit of cleaning advice. With just the two of us, and two bathrooms, we really don't seem to have a problem.