Jan 28, 2010

A couple of my friends and I scheduled a day of preparing meals to freeze and store for an upcoming Saturday. We did this back in the fall and had so much fun with it. We made stuffed pasta shells, soup, chicken pot pies, chicken enchiladas and lots more. We can't wait to do this again, this time armed with new and improved recipes. Well, it seems we're not the only ones doing this in February. One of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom is rallying the troops.
Since we lost our Super Suppers and Main Dish Kitchen in Holland, I have struggled to find the time and creativity to have a cooking marathon. However, if you get together with friends, you can each bring enough ingredients to make your dish multiple times, saving money and creative brain cells. But unlike Super Suppers, we get stuck with the dirty dishes.
Does anyone have any favorite freeze ahead recipes? I know my SIL, Jacqueline, just had a cooking marathon so perhaps she has a favorite Italian recipe to share. I'd love to hear all of your tips!

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