Jan 9, 2010

One Year Old! *almost

We started at ended the year with two very similar portrait sessions - Charlotte crying through most of it! But you'd never know by looking at these pictures. They turned out pretty well for as much coaxing and cheering that we had to do. And I don't know who ever came up with the concept of a "smash cake" for a 1 year old. This baby wanted nothing to do with it. I had to smear the cake on her hands and face. The only time she was interested in touching the cake was to dig out the Cheerios I hid in the frosting.
Please excuse all of the vignettes on these photos - I couldn't figure out how to turn the photos from the PortraitCD I got to take home (from Sears). Here's a sampling of some of the right-side-up pics.

She loved cocking her head to the side - her bashful look. And Linda- I had to think about you - I know how much you "love" the food on the face look.

Again with the cocked head - I can picture her senior portraits already.

My favorite - the Gerber Baby. Who needs hair?

I know it's sideways, but I still needed to share her diva meltdown.


Dave, Anna and Madison said...

Those are great...congrats on a year Charlotte!!

Tracey said...

Those turned out so cute! I love her smile in the one with the monkey. And the diva meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Such personality! Did you play music during the photo shoot? Beautiful pictures-even the one with cake on her face :) Linda

Smitten Westie Mom said...

Oh my gosh, her diva meltdown is priceless! How do you keep yourself from laughing when she does that??!! I love her little teeth in her smiles :) Cute pictures!!

Kim said...

She is such a cutie pie. She looks more and more like Brian all the time. That smile is all him. I can't believe that she is already one.

Patty Ann said...

Have to agree with Kim, that smile is all Brian.
Much different than your generation, we never smashed cake or took naked belly pictures.