Jun 13, 2010

17 Months

Charlotte reached 17 months this weekend.  And sadly, while speaking to a neighbor who inquired how old Maggie is, I realized she turned 3 last Sunday without any celebration from us.  Poor puppy.

We had one of my very favorite weekends, a weekend focused on relaxing and having fun with Charlotte. It was another one of those weekends that reminds me of why I love living in Holland.  We started Saturday morning with a bike trip to the farmer's market for fresh strawberries, veggies, and my favorite eggs.  Charlotte danced to the banjo player and laughed so hard while riding on her daddy's shoulders.  Next we stopped at the park where we met a neighbor who is due with her 3rd child two days before us.  Charlotte had fun climbing up the tunnel slide and shouting from the inside to hear her loud echo.

In the afternoon Brian and C swam at MVP pool while I took Maggie out to pass out flyers for a summer block party.  I am organizing this with one of our neighbors and cross my fingers that some people attend.  After 4 years, it is time to get to know our neighbors a little better.  I would love for Charlotte to have playmates close by and someone to gossip with on a quiet afternoon.

To end Saturday, we tried out a local babysitter.  She was a big hit with Charlotte and somehow, she managed to put her to sleep without her pacifier!  I'll have to ask her how.  Charlotte took to her right away, showing her each and every one of her stuffed animals.  Brian and I took the opportunity for a date night to get some pizza at a local favorite in Saugatuck and people watch during the Waterfront Film Festival.

Sunday started nicely with church and a short, cool, visit to the beach.  I tried to stay warm in a beach towel while Charlotte and Brian played in the sand and dipped their toes in the 62 degree water.


Patty Ann said...

That last photo is so precious. Little Charlotte holding Brian's hand, safe while approaching the big water.

Amber said...

Aw, sounds like such a great weekend. Miss you guys!

Chris said...

That does sound like an awesome weekend. You are much more outgoing than me...Ben and I are happy to just keep to ourselves rather than get to know the neighbors. We now know that to get them to talk to you though you need to have kids :-) At least Amos isn't shy to say hi to everybody he sees. I agree with Mom, I love that last picture of Brian and Charlotte.

patty said...

Love the last pic! I still have my "mental picture" of pappa and C walking together with her holding one of his fingers. It was precious to see! Brian's an awesome Daddy! Happy to know the new sitter was a hit. C is such a girly girl and loves the attention.