Jun 17, 2010

Wednesday outings...

Yesterday was one of my perfect mothering days.  Ones of those days where everything goes as I planned. I never expect that anymore, because it didn't take long as a parent to learn that almost nothing ever goes as planned.

Charlotte started the day with a visit to the library.  The children's floor has a great fish and turtle tank.  She likes to put her face up to the tank and just repeat "fishy, fishy, fishy."  But unlike Bert & Ernie, one hasn't jumped into her hand in response.

Next we made our first visit to the Critter Barn, a casual sort of petting zoo.  She was very excited, at least until she realized the animals were real.  I suppose she is really just used to the picture books and didn't know these things could move and make noise.  She had the chance to pet baby chicks, ducklings, bunnies and cats galore.  Instead, she preferred to keep the animals just out of her personal space and hold on to me for security.  Next time she might be a bit more adventurous.

I had to laugh when this cow mooed so loudly that Charlotte just about jumped out of my arms.  He seemed to have something important to tell her.

A few errands rounded out the morning before C blessed me with a 3 hour nap.  I even had time to kick back and do some casual reading.  I figure I better live that up before this next baby comes and quickly erases my free time.

Later in the afternoon I huffed and puffed until Charlotte's new inflatable princess pool was blown up.  Grandma B was so kind to buy it for her and C just couldn't wait for me to fill it up.  She eagerly stripped down to her birthday suit and jumped in.   Luckily it wasn't big enough for the two of us.

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