Jun 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend Picture-rama

We had a very busy weekend, traveling across the state and back again.  I don't deny it was hectic and Charlotte's fussiness from being off schedule had me a little hair-brained, but I do appreciate the fact that we are so close with our families and value the time we share.

Charlotte breaking in the bed at our hotel.

Time for a snack break!  Charlotte enjoyed visiting with the Hoving children (Thomas was absent from the photo - poor guy was a bit under the weather.)

Snuggling with Solomon.

Cousins Charlotte and Amos having a blastie.

The whole family - Kevin included.  It was quite funny, right before the photo Charlotte decided she wanted Aunt Meagan to hold her.  That was the first time she had reached out to her all day.  I guess Charlotte wants Meagan to look like her mommy in my mother's Christmas newsletter this year.

Sporting her swimwear.

Splashing around with Daddy.  Charlotte loved the water, especially when Brian threw her up in the air. She would laugh hysterically, pausing only in her laughter to do the sign language for "more."


Jacqueline said...

I love the picture of her and Amos on the swing. You really should submit that one to a photo contest!

Patty Ann said...

Charlotte doesn't look fussy in any of those photos. I think you are imagining it! Great pictures. Now that she's getting the "g" sound I can't wait to hear her say grandma...

Julia said...

Great weekend! Thanks so much for the visit. Love you guys!!
- Hovings