Jun 2, 2010


I swear this girl is learning something new every day.  Last Thursday Charlotte astounded me and Brian when she repeated "magnet."  The whole "ga" sound in the middle made her sound so intelligent :)
Over the weekend, while visiting Chris's family, she mastered holding onto a swing.  It brought a few tears to my eyes to see her looking so big sitting all by herself.  Of course she still needs a push.

She loves to push her own stroller.  She even pushes the grocery cart around the store for me.  It keeps her out of trouble.  Who cares if she knocks over a display item or two.

She can follow a lot of commands now.  Today she even laid herself down for a diaper change.  I dreamt she was potty-training last night.
And finally, self-feeding is something she's been working on for several months.  But she's starting to understand the spoon works better when she doesn't flip it over.  What a happy girl.

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