Dec 28, 2007

For all of the dog lover's out there...

a call for a prayer. 

Jeff and Jacqueline, our brother and sister-in-law, brought home a special puppy last weekend.  They found a German shepherd which they named Addison (the Grey's Anatomy fans out there should get that) and quickly fell in love.  We met her for Christmas last week and had such a great time with her.  She was a very sweet puppy and as puffy as a teddy bear.  Maggie rolled and tumbled with her all over my in-laws.  They were fast friends.  I intended to post some pics of them and their puppy antics, but left my camera at my parents home on Tuesday.  Here's a photo of Jacqueline's.

We just received news that Addison has a very serious heart murmur and Jeff and Jacqueline will be returning her to the breeder.  You can read more here.  Anyone with a pet of their own can probably feel their pain.  

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