Dec 2, 2007

As the weekend dwindles...

This weekend has been quiet and calm. It's nice to have those kinds of weekends once in a while, but without the busy weekends, I wouldn't realize their worth.
Before the snow and slush hit yesterday, we had the chance to take Maggie to the local dog park. She loved running around with the large dogs and did her best to keep up. She chased after them, pitifully barking as if to say, "Wait up for me guys!"

I just had to photograph this pitiful face of hers. This is how she looked after we took her away from her dog park friends so we could shop for a Christmas tree.

We went to a Christmas tree farm in Fennville. This year we bought a Fraser Fir. I usually lean towards blue spruce due to their strong and numerous branches, but Brian was tired of the thousands of needle punctures he ends up with after moving the tree and stringing lights. This tree is beautiful with its soft up-turned needles.

Our blonde moment of the day was that the tree was 1 1/2 ft too tall for it's space....nothing a bit of sawing couldn't fix, but still a bit of a waste of money when you pay $5/foot.

The highlight of the weekend was a dinner with Chuck and Patty. Chuck celebrates his birthday on Monday, so we wanted to take them out for some dinner. We had some Japanese food (with sushi) at the Wild Chef here in Holland. They were also kind enough to brave the storm and bring us our new couch. Isn't it lovely? It's a sleeper sofa, so we'll always have a place for guests! (hint hint) We picked it up for "half off" at a liquidation sale at Bells in Rockford. It's a Christmas present to much for a spinning wheel :) 

Now off to enjoy what's left of this Sunday!


Chris said...

We opted for the Blue Spruce this year and I thought my hand was going to swell when putting up the lights. I ended up getting out the rubber gloves to finish. We actually got a shorter and less wide tree than we needed, but I didn't want to deal with stringing lights on a step stool this year. It looks good, and is still drinking wanter :-)
Maggie is a very brave dog. I know Cayman would not be so well behaved with dogs of that size!
Nice couch, I was wondering if you would get a sleeper sofa since the guest room may some day be no more.

Kim said...

I love the couch! Maggie is all ready to play with Pippin and Frodo. Beagles crack me up--Frodo does the same chasing and barking/howling thing to Pippin, too. It always makes me laugh!