Dec 4, 2007

Proud Mary

(Okay, first get the song going in your head - now here's my interpretation)
"Big wheels keep on spinning.  Proud Angie keeps on knitting.  I said Rollin'...Rollin'....Rollin with a spinning wheel."
My favorite man of the week, Kyle ("TOK"), talked his mom into loaning me her spinning wheel.  We brought it home last night.  It's a beautiful single treadle Louet.  It's even built in Holland.  It looks a lot like this one.

I have my spinning group tonight, so I can get a short lesson to get myself started.  I'm sure my first skein of yarn will come out uneven and chunky, so I have plans for a hat.  I can't wait!


The Outlaw Kyle said...

Huzzah! Now just get Brian "the Spin-mister" a-spining and you'll have piles of yarn!

Anonymous said...

Angie, Maybe you can learn to spin straw into gold and start a new envelope :) The wheel is gorgeous and I hope your yarn turns out better than the pittiful stuff I made when I tried spinning. Linda