Dec 11, 2007

Love of all things ornamental

My mom has had me hooked on ornaments since I was a small child. It started with sparkly Rainbow Brite bulbs, to scenes with movement and lights, and on to classic Hallmark keepsakes. I still purchase myself some Hallmark Keepsake ornaments - especially the Frosty Friends series. Brian and I also try to pick up an ornament souvenir on each of our vacations.

Here is a burro from our trip to Las Vegas this year. He is no nonsense and ready to carry your load.

My mom purchased this for me last year - It's a S'mores knitting a scarf. Hurry man! Knit before somebody eats you.

And one of my new creations - a mini-sweater. The sheep is made with angora, so he's realistically fuzzy. I love it right down to it's tiny little hangar. And unlike most sweaters I knit, the tree won't be complaining that the arm holes are too tight.

It's a great tree - a definite keepsake.


Anonymous said...

Angie, The little sweater turned out so cute!! If you ever get too many ornaments maybe the burro can wear it. Oh, and speaking of marshmallows, did you see Martha recently making marshmallows and then dipping them in fudge? I may trial them. Linda

Jacqueline said...

Your ornaments are adorable! Our tree is very girly this year. My mom always bought us ornaments that were angels, mermaids, princess', etc. Jeff and I will have to start collecting more gender-neutral ornaments =)

Patty Ann said...

Did you actually knit that tiny little thing?
Our tree is quite eclectic. Dad has his motorcycles, trains, space ships, canoes and boats etc. all of which had to be balanced out with mine and Meagan's decorations. hahaha. It came out pretty nice.

mamins said...

How did the "yarn" ornaments turn out? I love the sweater. I have started a new project of my own that I will keep to myself. Mostly because my knitting is rather questionable!

Our ornaments are a mix of 32 years of marraige. I was looking at some dates to pass on some of the "baby's first Christmas" etc that we've collected. I've tried to add some new ones over the years. I think I mixed up the colors of the branches this year, they seem to bit a bit mismatched now that I look at it again. Oh well. When you "build" a tree every year, it shouldn't look the same year to year. We're waiting for Kit Kat to attack it soon. The lower branches are all unbreakable ornaments.