Aug 26, 2008

Don't shake the baby

Today was a busy day. I stopped at 5 day care centers for tours. Thanks to all of your advice, I asked some great questions and found out a lot of information. I've picked my favorites and Brian will go back with me for a second look.

Now that I'm finally back to my own computer, I have access to my photos. I wanted to share the baptism of my first godchild, Amos. We traveled out to the east side of the state for the baptism on the 17th. Amos was adorable in his gown - although some of the family seemed a bit put off by the "skirt." He cried and cried after getting dunked in the baptismal font. I'm sure I would too if you dropped me backwards in a vat of water, not once, but four times.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend.

I swear, he wasn't really shaking the baby.

Say cheese

Someone get this hat off of me

Proud godparents


Jacqueline said...

Awww, look at those blue eyes. Amos is adorable!

Chris said...

I hope it wasn't our family saying things about the did turn into a romper. All day someone was asking me if I could take it off him, well guess what, he made it through the whole day with the romper part on and was fine with it. Doesn't anyone want to be traditional anymore. We will have to talk day cares this weekend.