Aug 28, 2008

Word to the wise

If anyone ever asks you to dog-sit for them, the most important thing I think you can ask if you will need to leave that dog while you're at work is "Does your dog have any separation anxiety?" Because if you don't, and you leave them, there is a simple equation.

This dog

+kitchen door


It also equals one highly annoyed wife who had to miss the Doobie Brothers concert because she could no longer trust the dog alone in her house. It equals my right to say "I told you so" until the cows come home (and I don't think the cows are coming home until the first frost). In the variation of the equation where the moody wife is also pregnant, it also equals one husband who's sleeping with the dogs tonight.


Jacqueline said...

Oooohhhh...Jeff and I have had days like that when we watch Eva. She has successfully chewed Jeff's travel bag, my makeup bag, my BRAND NEW tennis shoes, etc. AND, she scratched a hole in our duvet cover. None of those compare to the kitchen door...but I can certainly understand your frustration.

Angie said...

So how come they don't ruin that kind of stuff at their own homes?

Patty Ann said...

But you read Marley and which Marley pretty much destroyed door frames, if it was thundering outside. I hope she confines her scratching to the one area.

Kim said...

She's in an unfamilar place, that's why she is behaving weird.

That is one messed up door. Her mommy and daddy don't read your blog, do they? Are you going to tell them or just say she was wonderful?

Angie said...

No they don't read my blog, but they already know because Brian told them. We sent her to daycare today and will be home with her the rest of the time, so hopefully no more mishaps.