Aug 15, 2008

My own Olympic race

This week went by in a blur. My boss vacationed in T.C. while I worked hard at the office to keep things together so he could get some much needed rest. We've just taken on a new electronic medical record, so there is a lot of work that goes into that and the transfer of chart information. And, as expected, there are plenty of glitches to add more work to your day.

Wednesday night I had fun making peach jam with some fruit from the farmer's market. It turned out so sweet and delicious! I was disappointed that the recipe didn't yield more since it was a lot more work than strawberry jam. All that is used from the fruit is the juice from 6# of cooked peaches. The rest of the pulp goes to waste. I'll try to make more before the peach season ends.

Tomorrow is the Fiber Festival in Allegan. This is my 4th year going. I still have stash yarn from the first time I went. That should hold me back, but it probably won't. Now that I'm spinning, I have the excuse to stash fiber instead of yarn. What is more likely to tame me is the knitting event I'm going to next Saturday - Stitches Midwest - in Schaumburg, IL.

Sunday is Amos' baptism. Brian and I are the godparents, which is a huge honor for us. I spent the evening trying to find a skirt that actually fits around my baby bump. Elastic is my best friend. Amos is going to be so big by now!


Patty Ann said...

The somewhat crisp mornings make you think of sweater weather. Great time to go on a yarn hunt.

Kim said...

I am so impressed that you are 20 weeks pregnant, over-worked/under-staffed during the day, and then come home to make some organic jam from scratch. Don't let other husbands find out!!!

You totally CAN justify more yarn, because now your purpose is your own daughter!