Aug 12, 2008

I can just imagine

I was signing off on some charts at work today and came across a funny transcription from the ER.  Maybe when I have my own child, I won't find this as humorous.  But I have to believe that after the fact, even these parents are laughing at themselves.  In short, the note described a three year old who was brought to the ER, by ambulance no less, for a foreign body in the nose.  I imagine the 911 call went something like this.

911:  This is 911.  What's your emergency?
Mother: My child has a pretzel stuck in his nose.
911:  I'm sorry, I think your phone was breaking up.  Did you say your child broke his nose.
Mother:  No, I gave him three straight pretzels.  One is missing and he's crying.  I'm pretty sure it's stuck up his nose.
911:  Well, did you try to remove it?
Mother:  I don't believe in picking noses.  Anyway, he's crying, and I wouldn't want to hurt him.
911:  I will dispatch an ambulance to your house.  In the meantime, you may want to get him a glass of water.  That pretzel is probably making him thirsty.


Allison said...

Wait - she doesn't believe in picking noses? Even when there's something stuck up them? I don't even have kids, but I know that you end up reaching into some very strange places when you do!

Amber said...

No way!! That is hilarious! My friend's kid stuck a piece of a crayon up her nose and they couldn't get it out, neither could the doctor, so they ended up having to sedate her to get it out. It ended up costing them $500...quite the expensive crayon!

Kim said...

I hope that she was at home without transportation--otherwise, that ambulance ride was a waste of money.

Kids have MUCH grosser problems than THAT.

Patty Ann said...

Well Angie I was listening to the sheriff's department crabbing on WJR about their budget, and remembered the time the sheriff had to come to our house because you locked yourself in the bathroom. You were about 2 and wouldn't unlock the door. They tried to remove the door from the hinges but couldn't do that so had to climb in the window. Quite the day.

Jen said...

Laugh it up!
Seriously though, Will stuck some macaroni and cheese noodles up his nose once. Those were tough to get out and I'm a firm believer in picking! :)
He couldn't really blow his nose yet and those buggers were slippery!
But even worse was when he stuck some craisins (dried cranberries) up there. They swelled up with the moisture. I ended up using a bobby pin to scrape them out!
I know, yuck right?
Thankfully only one of my children shoves things up their nose!

Angie said...

I totally don't remember ever hearing about locking myself in the bathroom. I'm sure I was doing something sophisticated like a hunger strike because of the starving children in Africa. Or maybe I just needed some privacy as I sat on my tiny training potty.