Sep 16, 2008

Baby update

Other than showing my newest baby bump photos, I haven't given an update on how me and Charlie are doing. While at Meagan's apartment last week, I noticed Charlie kicking pretty hard at my right side. I decided to watch the area and noticed I could actually see the kick from the outside. It was so neat, and so strange. I liken it to the alien scene in Spaceballs, you know the scene at the diner after the man orders "the special." I told Brian to watch...when he finally saw the bulge he just about jumped off the couch. She can hear voices and noises pretty well, so she'll react to what's going on. Brian read her "Green Eggs and Ham" which she seemed to like a lot.
I still feel great. I notice I'm a bit more winded when exercising or climbing stairs, but most of the time it's easy to forget I'm pregnant. My energy is good and appetite is normal. No late night cravings at all, which is sort of a bummer because I was looking forward to seeing what strange recipes I could come up with. I pray all continues to go well with me and baby.


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mamie said...

Did you go out and buy a copy of Green Eggs and Ham? I certain the book we had has separated from its binding - definitely a well loved book! I wonder if Brian remembers the version of the book he did in 4th grade. I'll have to get you your request for lullabyes soon so she can listen to soothing music.
Wow! She's over a foot long now - it's just amazing and wonderful.

So glad you are feeling so good. You look lovely in all your pictures. With your schedule of such long work days it has to be hard sometimes.