Sep 11, 2008

New York

We are now relaxing comfortably in Albany. The 11 hour train ride was essentially uneventful, just the way we like it. I studied for my recert exam, slept, knit, and listened to a new podcast, The High Fiber Diet. (A good one to check out - some girls from my Monday night knit group put it together.) We drove out to Saratoga for some shopping. I managed to find a yarn store for our first stop and picked out a single skein of laceweight. We had some excellent Mexican at the Cantina and fought about which liquor has a worm - it is tequila, Brian (Mezcal, specifically). We stopped at a geyser on the way home so Meagan could fill up her water bottle with fresh spring water. The geyser seemed more like a garden spout shooting from the ground...not quite Old Faithful, but worth a stop.
Tomorrow, we'll try to catch the 12:30 train to NYC and continue our adventure! Look for us on GMA Saturday morning.

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The Outlaw Kyle said...

So, did you guys take the train from Chicago to NY? I always thought that a train trip would be fun.