Sep 2, 2008

Summer days

Well, the "end" of summer has come. We had a very pleasant and relaxing holiday weekend. My little sis Meagan came out to visit while home from New York. Chris and Ben also came with our nephew, Amos (and their schnauzer, Cayman).

The three musketeers

We all headed to the beach for a picnic Friday night...including all three dogs. Saturday we lounged and found ways to entertain Amos. I've realized that I need to practice my nursery rhymes and songs before I have my own baby. I've forgotten most of the lyrics. Amos was a good boy. He tolerated the farmer's market and lunch at Boatwerks. The only time he really raised heck was when Chris and I tried to take him shopping with us. He screamed bloody murder. As soon as we had him back in the car seat and headed home, he was all smiles.

Meagan - learning how to like babies.

Sunday and Monday were spent up at Whitefish Lake. On the way up there, we dropped our visitor, Fergie, back with her relatives. It seems Maggie was ready to say good-bye. Fergie kept stealing Maggie's favorite spot on the armrest.

This was the hottest weekend we've spent up there. It was nice to just float in the water, except for the gutsy bluegills who nibbled at my toes and fingers. Patty bought all of the girls matching sunhats and glasses. Don't we look cute? Or maybe just silly.

I guess you can also count that as a photo of my 21 week baby "hump."


Jacqueline said...

I am glad that the picture cuts off my ENORMOUS "hump." 32 weeks today...I cannot believe that I am going to keep getting bigger!

Kim said...

Jacqueline, I was going to ask you how many weeks you are now. You are too cute! Angie, you are too, although I can't wait to see you really big.