Sep 30, 2008

I don't know what I was thinking

I scrimped "allowance" for the last 9 months trying to save money for a spinning wheel. I sold my flute and tried to sell my wedding dress. After all that, today I gathered some old gold jewelry that I never wear (took me all of 10 minutes) and made an appointment at a local jeweler. I walked out 20 minutes later over $300 richer. If anyone needs some fast cash, I'd highly recommend cleaning out your jewelry box!


Lori H said...

Great idea about the jewelry -- I'm going to dig around and see what I can find. You're getting so much closer to your wheel :)

Angie said...

Actually, I have more than enough wheel money now. I just have to pick a convenient Saturday to drive out to Howell and buy it.

mamie said...

Good job Ang! Yeah with the market as it is gold must be going sky high! There are advertisements all over too. Now you have extra for your own pampering or for the baby! I'm really impressed!