Sep 10, 2008

So close!

I sold my flute today, so now I am $40 and sales tax shy of buying my very own spinning wheel! I can't contain my excitement!! Here's my beautiful dream wheel (I'm going to get it in walnut stain).

Of course, it doesn't stop there. After the wheel, I can buy the jumbo flyer, fast flyer, additional bobbins....


The Outlaw Kyle said...

That is one fine looking wheel. No rush on the loaner, my mom has most likely forgot she even has one.

I kinda get the feeling that spinning your own yarn is like reloading your own cartridges. You say your going to save money, but you just end up spending the same ammount on more yarn/ammo. I completely understand. ;)

Angie said...

TOK, that's just what I was thinking.