Dec 16, 2008

Hand knits for Charlotte

Charlotte is going to be very loved, and I know this by all of the time my friends and family have put into making gifts for her. Last night I had my holiday ornament exchange with my local knitting circle. They surprised me by showering me with gifts as well!

Trish made a soft chenille jacket.

KaRi made the 5 hour baby sweater- it's so cute and tiny. I just imagine Charlotte will use it for doll clothes someday.

Lori made bibs and burp cloths and Dianna made some generous sized receiving blankets.

The masterpiece was the blanket, which was a joint effort. Trish, KaRi, Lori, Margo and Amy all contributed squares. I sort of knew this gift was coming because of a slip of the tongue at one of our knit nights in the summer, but I'm still pleased to see the final outcome.

I'm also long overdue to post a pic of Miss Dashwood. Shari mailed me this from Florida weeks ago. I'm just going to be crushed if the ultrasound was wrong and we're not having a girl, because she has so many cute things to wear! (The peapod is a little gift from her Amber, my college friend and Shari's daughter.)


Sparkiechic said...

oh my gosh Ang!!! They are all so beautiful! :) My favorite is the little pink hat with the pea pod....where can I find that pattern?!

Angie said...

Rach, I posted the link to the pattern at Just click on the name, Miss Dashwood in the post.

patty said...

Oh Princess Charlotte Rose has quite the variety of knits!! I love them all! How do I join that knitting group?!

I made a mistake on the socks, so I need to spend some time reworking that, PLUS the sweater. She'll have it all hopefully before she's born!

Are you officially nesting yet?

jlouisecoe said...

I have somethin in the works for you, too... it's coming along! I'm sorry I missed your shower... I hope there is a grace period for gift-giving. Sounds like you're doing well, which is good to hear. Have fun at the family Christmas party- I have to work this weekend. Merry Christmas! (No need to publish this comment!)