Dec 21, 2008

We just came back from Matthew's baptism in Rockford and I'll just say I'm glad to be home safe and sound. The highway was really white out conditions. We came up on some stopped cars and firetrucks, but with low visibility there really wasn't much warning. Our CR-V stopped nicely (God bless that car) but many other cars around us weren't so lucky. A Grand-Am skidded past us at an angle and hit another car. Then we watched a semi slowly jack knife behind us until it came to a halt, thankfully quite a distance from us. We worked our way around the stopped cars and made the rest of the trek home at a nice slow speed. Down the road we noticed that they were shutting down the west bound side. So, home we'll stay for the rest of the day. I hope all of you can plan to stay inside too!


patty said...

What a horrible scare that must have been! I prayed at Mass you'd have a safe trip home, and I asked Fr. Tony to pray for all the travelers too. Relax tonight - any good TV to watch? I took a brief snooze myself this afternoon.
I have the DVR set to record some movies tonight.

Jessica said...

Glad you made it home safely! I am so jealous how great you look - I was so huge at this point I couldn't even fit into XL maternity clothes. I remember the anticipation was so great, it would get to me sometimes. From the moment you find out, your emotions just get swept to a whole new level and it never ends. I'm going to go kiss my "baby" goodnight. Take care!