Dec 14, 2008

A mini-superstar

Saturday we had the pleasure of meeting Kate Gosselin of "Jon and Kate's Plus 8." She was appearing at a book signing in Grand Rapids for her new book, Multiple Blessings.

I am a fan of her and the show, but I would not say I'm a fanatic. She definitely has a huge following, though. This was her third book signing in GR this week and still had hundreds of people there. Due to the surplus, we weren't really allowed to talk to her or even get our books personalized, but we had time to snap this photo.

And she did glance up at me long enough to figure out I was pregnant. "Oohh, a Christmas present" she joyfully exclaimed. Maybe!


Kim said...

I LOVE the Gosselin family!! Angie called me to tell me, "Guess where I'm going??" and from her voicemail, I was hoping labor. This wasn't a bad second, though.

Jessica said...

Aaron and I like the show, too. Carl thinks Kate is too bossy, but I say you don't have time to mess around when you have 8 kids!

Chris said...

I saw that show for the first time this week...up late working...I thought she handled all those kids great.