Dec 2, 2008

More gifts!

I had my final shower on Sunday, baby shower that is. My side of the family put together a beautiful shower at an old train depot in Plymouth, Station 885. The theme was Charlotte's Web and was complete down to a giant fuzzy spider hanging over the cake.

Most of the prizes were hand made, including chocolates shaped like Wilbur, Templeton and Charlotte, aprons, and lavender filled eye sachets.

I received so many wonderful gifts, and many handmade items. I definitely inherited my crafting skills from my mom's side of the family. They made me sewn, crocheted, and knitted quilts. Carrie told me my baby is going to have so many blankets that she's going to need to carry around 5 at a time! Good thing she'll be born in the winter. I also got an embroidered bib for every single holiday of the year...if I'm lucky, she'll get the chance to use her New Year's bib this year.

Here I am with my sisters - as my mom so lovingly puts it, I'm the "tubby" one.

My college friends - and look, Kim is preggers too!

There is a slideshow of all Meagan's pics - yes, there are many token "opening gift" photos.

Thanks for the wonderful shower Mom!


Amber said...

Awwww...I miss my friends! :(

patty said...

It was a lovely shower. So good to see your family Angie! AND, you are a lovely "lady in waiting".

Patty Ann said...

In case of confusion, Meagan added photos from Chris's baby shower to that album, if anyone looks at the slideshow.
Your shower was a lot of fun, Charlotte is going to be well supplied when she arrives.

Kim said...

My doctor cleared me yesterday to visit you in January--yay!! I think I was going to come anyway--labor takes more than a 2 hour drive. Your nursery looks gorgeous--where's the photo of her full closet?? Once you wash and get all her clothes put away, post one.